Special Events

January 15– Birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.  (Dojo Closed)

January 24th–Black Belt Demonstrations and Promotions (6pm-8pm)

January 25 —Colored belt Testing

3:30 pm -8 pm (No regular classes)

January 26– Parent’s Night Out 

6 pm – 9:30 pm (featuring foam weapons!)

OKA Karate Camps

OKA’s karate camps are geared for fun, fitness, and education as a supplement to our regular program. Our mini-camp format offers ‘drills-for-skills’, two lesson blocks (and two class credits) each day, and of course many of the fun & creative dojo games that kids love. Many students – even beginners – are able to learn the complete requirements for their next belt during the week. Traditional principles of courtesy, humility, and respect are strongly emphasized.


Preregister for April camp by February 17th–SAVE 10% !!

April Vacation Camp

Register now for February Vacation Camp

February Vacation Camp


Karate Birthday Party

Interested in having your child’s birthday party with a karate theme.  Come celebrate your birthday party here at Okinawan Karate Academy.  Play some of your favorite games with a team of black belt instructors.  Learn a little bit of karate and watch a demonstration by the black belts.  Contact us at office@okadojo.com for more information.