Adult Belt Testing

Colored belt testing for all adult students.  No regular adult classes will be held today.  (All youth classes WILL be held that day.)

Belt testing eligibility is based on time in rank, class attendance, and technical requirements.  We record students’ time in rank and class attendance.  Technical requirements are the students’ responsibility.

Time in rank is generally a minimum of four months for all ranks up to purple belt, and six months for brown belts & probationary black belts. Class attendance, loosely based on two classes per week, are 30 classes required for all ranks up to purple belt, and 50 classes for brown & probationary black belts.  When these two requirements are met, we issue an testing invitation.

Technical requirements are posted in the dojo, or you can download the requirements at (click on “Rank Requirements”). You can also ask for a copy
at the dojo.

When you are invited to a belt test, you will be asked to “show what you know,” and the belt you receive will depend on your demonstration of the technical requirements.

One more very important point … Students with less than the required time in rank and/or class attendance (i.e. did not receive a testing invitation) who feel that they can satisfy the technical requirements for belt testing may their instructor for permission to test.  Conversely, students who receive a testing invitation but are not confident with the technical requirements may decline.  (As a courtesy, please let your instructor know if you choose to decline.)

Feel free to contact OKA anytime with any questions you may have about rank requirements
and belt testing.