Special Events

OKA Karate Camps

Learn a Special Kata: Unsu — Jun 22 to 26
Students loved last year’s camp where the kata Anan was taught. This camp will feature Unsu, or ‘Cloud Hands’, another interesting and challenging kata. This is the one of the most advanced kata in many karate styles and it is generally reserved for black belts. This kata will be taught as a specialty item along with lesson blocks on curriculum requirements and technique.

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Dojo Olympics Camp — Jul 13 to 17
Karate will make its debut appearance at the Summer Olympics in 2020 in Tokyo, Japan. Olympic karate will feature two events, Kumite and Kata. This camp will offer kid-friendly versions of these events as well as lots of other fun and competitive games, races, and contests based on other Olympic games. Students will participate alongside their fellow students and friends for ‘medals’ and ‘podium finishes’ in individual and team activities.

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Martial Arts Movie Making Camp — Aug 3 to 7    
This camp was hugely popular last summer! The instructors will help students to create, rehearse, and film their very own martial arts movies! Chico Eastridge, a very talented videographer from CATV, will film and edit the students’ projects. New this year, Chico will bring along a green screen to create special background effects. [Due to additional costs, the price for this camp is $175, and prorated daily enrollment is not possible.]

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OKA’s karate camps are geared for fun, fitness, and education as a supplement to our regular program. Our mini-camp format offers ‘drills-for-skills’, two lesson blocks (and two class credits) each day, and of course many of the fun & creative dojo games that kids love. Many students – even beginners – are able to learn the complete requirements for their next belt during the week. Traditional principles of courtesy, humility, and respect are strongly emphasized.


Interested in having your child’s birthday party with a karate theme?  Come celebrate your birthday party here at Okinawan Karate Academy.  Parents love that we take care of all clean up and set up. During this two hour karate party, kids play fun games and learn some karate.  Take a break for cake and gifts.  Contact us at [email protected] for more information.